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Analysis of Digital Sports Game Sector

Sebahattin Devecioğlu

                        Firat University, Departmant of Sport Management, Elazig, Turkey

The digital development has also changed the world of computer games and playing. Games have become a part of our environment. Yet today games are stil often considered tobe a Hobby for the leisure time, an activity that offers no advantages. Maybe we are beginning to get rid of the thought that games are just comfortable spare time entertainment for the kids and youth. Most of the adult gamers today grew up with the medium, and are therefore familiar with it. At the present time, studies on the effects of digital sports game playing are being done increasingly (Ahonen,2012,8-25)
In the 1970s, digital games lived through a turning point and developed in a totally new direction. In the 1980s, the game industry was increasingly dealing with concepts like “branding” and issues related with “license products”, expanding the visibility and influence of games outside The gaming arcade”. In the 1990s, the development of digital games technology made it possible to enlarge the special elements of games. Game technology went through an important development in the late 1990s and early 2000s. (Mäyrä,2008, 86-118).
According to The Entertainment Software Association (ESA) 2010 report, Bestselling video games in 2009 were sports Games with 19.6 percent of the units sold. US computer and video games sales in 2009 were 10.5 billion dollars, while in 2008 the sales were 11.7 billion dollars (ESA 2010, 11).
This research is done to determine Analysis of Digital Sports Game Sector in a descriptive way. To proceed statistics of sport economy are used and economic structure of the institutions and organizations related to Digital Sports Game in the world as well as the financial movements of Digital Sports Game Sector are examined.

Keywords: sports, Digital, Games

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