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Deloitte sports sponsorships

Deloitte sports sponsorships
Deloitte carefully selects sponsorships that share our core values of leadership, integrity, commitment to teaming, strength through diversity, and a global perspective. This is how we make an impact that matters. High-visibility sponsorships are a tremendous way to build our brand with our clients, our professionals, and our recruits, as well as the broader marketplace. But what is truly meaningful in these relationships is that our efforts to advance these organizations goes far beyond writing a check. Deloitte’s professionals serve as trusted advisors helping shape long-term strategy, improve operational efficiency, and implement substantive change.

The European Football Club Report 2018

The eleventh edition of “The European Football Club” Report is now online

 The 11th edition of “The European Football Club” Report is available!

Are you ready to discover the news related to the social media of the main European clubs, sponsor brands and players? In the new update we have given even more space to the Sport Influencers.

Indeed, after analysing the protagonists of Premier League and Ligue 1, it is now the turn of Serie A and Bundesliga: who will be alongside Cristiano in Italy? Do you expect to see a Bayern München’s supremacy in Bundesliga?
    Download now the latest update to know everything about the social landscape of European football, and don’t forget to share your favourite charts on Twitter with #TEFCReport, the official hashtag!    


We are delighted to bring you a comprehensive study jointly undertaken by CSM Sport & Entertainment and SMG Insight which provides a detailed analysis of the current footballing landscape in the UAE. The report shows that the staging of international tournaments, a strengthening domestic game and high profile Arabic players are among the factors helping to widen fan demographics and increase the value on offer for commercial partners. 

The findings demonstrate a game that is in rude health and growing in popularity in the region amongst both fans and potential sponsors. This points to a positive future for football development and sponsorship as fans in the UAE reveal that they see the domestic game as exciting, accessible, professional and compelling.

However, the survey also suggests that domestic football in the UAE still trails behind international competitions and club sides when it comes to the size of local fan base and perceived value to local and regional brands.
Download the White Paper of our annual survey of over 1000 football fans in the UAE, jointly undertaken by CSM Sport & Entertainment and SMG Insight. The full data set may be provided to interested parties on a case by case basis – requests should be made directly to CSM Sport & Entertainment –


“Spor Organizasyonlarında Para Kazanma ve Sürdürülebilirlik”
28 -30 Eylül 2108 tarihleri arasında yapılacak olan önemli Doğu Avrupa spor paydaşlarının yer aldığı en büyük spor iş konferansında, Domeniul Stirbey’de Bükreş’te bize katılın. Spor iş pratisyenleri ve meraklıları için bir araya gelme, koşuşturmalarını paylaşma, kendilerini geliştirme ve Doğu Avrupa’daki spor iş ortamını büyütme için ağ oluşturma merkezi oluşturmamıza yardımcı olun. % 15 ek indirim kuponu için  Discound Code Kısmına “EkosporOffer” yazın lütfen..!


We are organising a sport business conference for Eastern Europe’s sport stakeholders in Bucharest, between 28th – 30th September. 3 days full of insights, know-how, workshops and networking!
Join us in Bucharest, at Domeniul Stirbey, between 28 – 30 September at the largest sport business conference dedicated to the key Eastern European sport stakeholders. Check out a Preview of the event here.
Help us build the networking hub for sport business practitioners and enthusiasts to meet, share their hustle, develop themselves and grow the sport business landscape within Eastern Europe.


 İSTANBUL (AA) – Sabah gazetesi tarafından düzenlenen Uluslararası Futbol Ekonomi Forumu başladı.
The Grand Tarabya Hotel’de gerçekleştirilen organizasyonun açılışında, Türkiye Futbol Federasyonu (TFF) Başkanı Yıldırım Demirören, Beşiktaş Kulübü ve Kulüpler Birliği Vakfı Başkanı Fikret Orman, UEFA Yönetim Kurulu Üyesi ve TFF 1. Başkan Vekili Servet Yardımcı, TFF Başkan Vekili Ali Dürüst, TFF Yönetim Kurulu Üyeleri Cengiz Zülfikaroğlu, Ali Düşmez, Trabzonspor Kulübü Başkanı Ahmet Ağaoğlu, eski Galatasaray Kulübü Başkanı Dursun Özbek ve futbol dünyasından çok sayıda kişi hazır bulundu.

GSI Report 2018 (Event Hosting & Bidding)

Now in its fourth year, the complete GSI Report 2018 now comes in several smaller volumes, providing a greater level of detail and analysis, in order to better explain the specific impacts of sport.
This approach will also allow us to continue to provide analysis and content in the same depth and more as in previous years, with each volume catering to the specific interests of our readers.

The Event Hosting & Bidding volume is the first to be produced in 2018, which focuses on a) the hosts of events held in 2017, and b) the winners of event bidding processes in 2017.

The Event Hosting & Bidding volume is the first to be produced in 2018.

It focuses on a) the hosts of events held in 2017, b) the winners of event bidding processes in 2017; and c) the 2018 edition of the GSI Nations & Cities Index, which exclusively appears in this volume.

Soccer Kit Suppliers 2017/18

Sponsorship Data Report | Soccer Kit Suppliers 2017/18
Sportcal Sponsorship has analysed over 200 soccer kit supplier deals across the top two divisions in England, France, Germany, Italy and Spain. The kit supplier, or technical partner as it is referred to by many, has developed into a crucial piece of business for top soccer clubs across Europe.

The increasing competition between brands to secure top kit deals has driven up revenue for clubs and has contributed towards the commercialisation of modern soccer.

Within a kit supplier deal, brands pay the clubs an annual fee for the rights to sell licensed apparel and in return receive the majority of the revenue generated by the licensed apparel sales.

At the very top of the football pyramid, prices have continued to sky rocket given the intense competition between a handful of brands.

The likes of Nike, adidas and PUMA look to sign kit supplier deals with top teams to strengthen their market share in the sportswear industry and cash in on the global success of the soccer shirt industry.
Sponsorship Data Report

Sponsorship in the Financial Services industry 2018

The Financial Services industry has a long history in terms of its relationship with sport through sponsorship. With close to a billion dollars spent on sponsorship deals between financial services firms and rights holders, Sportcal Sponsorship has examined the Financial Services sector, focusing on 30 key brands responsible for over $1tn worth of revenue.
The Financial Services industry has a long history in terms of its relationship with sport through sports sponsorship. As part of a trillion-dollar industry, financial services firms have traditionally had the means to partner with the world’s biggest sporting properties. This natural affiliation has led to almost every major sporting property being associated with the financial services sector in some way.

While the 2008 financial crash led to a change in regulations, ultimately impacting the way financial services companies operated, many still use sports sponsorship as a means of telling their brand story and rebuilding the trust that many lost in the sector.

Using title sponsorships with the biggest sports as a means of driving name recognition to the use of brand ambassadors to present a more human face, the financial services industry has long been a key player when it comes to sports sponsorships.

Deloitte Futbol Para Ligi 2018

Her yıl merakla beklenen Deloitte’un Para Ligi Raporu’na göre en yüksek gelire sahip 20 kulübün toplam gelirleri %6 büyüyerek 7,9 milyar Euro’ya çıktı. 2017 yılında Real Madrid’i zirveden ederek tahta oturan Manchester United, 676 milyon Euro gelir ile liderlik pozisyonunu korudu.

Deloitte’un, bu yıl 21’incisini yayımladığı Futbol Para Ligi raporuna göre en çok gelir elde eden 20 kulüp, gelirlerini 2016/2017 sezonunda %6 artırarak 7,9 milyar Euro kazanç sağladı.


2017’de Futbol Para Ligi’nde liderlik koltuğunu Real Madrid’den 11 sene sonra geri alan Manchester United, 676,3 milyon Euro gelir ile ilk sıradaki yerini 2018’de de korudu. Manchester United’ı, 674,6 milyon Euro ile Real Madrid izledi. Barcelona ise 648,3 milyon Euro ile üçüncü sırada yer aldı. Alman Bayern Munich dördüncü sıradaki, İngiliz Manchester City ise beşinci sıradaki yerlerini korudu.

Kulüplerin 2016/17 sezonundaki gelir kaynaklarının en büyük kısmını (%45) yayın hakları oluşturdu, bunda da en büyük pay sahibi Premier League oldu. Listede, İngiltere 10 kulüp ile başı çekti. İngiliz kulüplerin toplamdaki payı 3,8 milyar Euro oldu. Listede Almanya, İspanya ve İtalya üçer takım ile boy gösterdi. Para Ligi’nde Fransa’dan tek takım ise Paris Saint-Germain oldu. Ünlü İtalyan kulübü AC Milan’ın, ilk kez Futbol Para Ligi’nde ilk 20’de kendisine sıralamada yer bulamayışı ise dikkat çekti.

Türk kulüplerinin durumu

Daha önce Türk kulüplerinden Galatasaray ve Fenerbahçe ikişer kez ilk 20’de kendilerine yer bulmuş ve geçtiğimiz sene ilk 30’da yer almışlardı. Ancak son iki sezonda her ikisi de gelir kaybı yaşadılar. Bu nedenle 2018 sıralamasında yer almadılar. Öte yandan gelirlerini önemli düzeyde artıran Beşiktaş buna rağmen ilk 30’da kendine yer bulamadı.

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