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 EPSI – The European Platform for Sport Innovation

EPSI TÜRKİYE WEBINAR :  July 19th-10 a.m TR 

“EU Funding Opportunities in Sport and Innovation”

EPSI- European Platform for Sport Innovation. EPSI TURKISH WEBINAR : “EU Funding Opportunitites in Sport and Innovation” 19th July 2022 Time 10 .00 a.m TR.

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Toplumsal gelişmede küçümsenmeyecek bir yere sahip bulunan futbol, sektörel anlamda da önemli sayılabilecek bir yapı sergilemektedir. Bütün bu gelişmelere karşın, futbolu herkesin aktif olarak katılımda bulunabildiği bir spor dalı haline getirebilmek için var olan potansiyeli, dengeli bir düzeyde geliştirip benimsetmek futbol yönetimi ile ilgilidir.

Son yıllarda, Türkiye Futbol Federasyonu (TFF)’ nin problemli olarak sunmuş olduğu futbol hizmetlerinde, siyasi ve bürokratik egemenlik gibi şekillerde kendini gösteren idari tıkanıklıklar dikkat çekmektedir. Dolayısıyla hızlı bir değişimin yaşandığı günümüz ortamında futbola katılımın ve faaliyetlerin ülke düzeyine optimal biçimde sunulmasını sağlayacak yeni bir yapılanmaya ihtiyaç olduğu sık sık vurgulanmaktadır.

Bugün Türk futbolunun yapısal nitelikli önemli sorunları bulunmaktadır.

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Spor Endüstrisinde Web 3.0

Web 3.0 ve Blockchain, sahiplik algısını değiştirecek. Bu, insanların hayatlarını günlük olarak etkileyecek ve sonuç olarak, uğraştıkları takımlardan ve sporlardan beklentileri değişecektir.  Spor endüstrisinin önündeki seçim, onu görmezden gelip eskisi gibi devam etmek mi ? yoksa bunun ne anlama gelebileceğini öğrenmek, potansiyeli anlamak ve hayran katılımını ve onunla birlikte para kazanmayı teşvik etmek için bir sonraki teknoloji yenilik dalgasını kullanmak mıdır (4). Hep birlikte göreceğiz..

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Global Esports & Live Streaming Market Report 2022

This year is on track to be another impressive year for esports growth. Download this free report for key takeaways and high-level insights from our 2022 Global Esports & Live Streaming Market Report, which includes 2022 global esports market sizing, forecasts, insights into mobile esports, blockchain gaming, co-streaming and much more.

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Taking Sports to Space: The Space Games Federation

The Space Games Federation offers the human race the unprecedented opportunity to engage in a unique fusion of Space and Athletics. By providing structure and regulation, resources to test and explore, and access to world-class experts, SGF seeks to bridge the gap between earth and space in the spirit of competition, fun, and community.

SGF is composed of experts in the space, sports and entertainment industry, featuring influential leaders and thinkers that are driving the growing mainstream popularity of space. The team collectively envisions the past, present, and future of the space industry as invaluable to the human experience, and aims to marry entertainment and education — e.g, edutainment — to make this experience accessible to the

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The Most Attractive Employers in Sport 2022

The study surveyed more than a 1,600 people from all continents, with the majority already working in sport, and asked them a simple question: “If you could choose to work anywhere in sport, where would that be?”. At first, the respondents chose organisations divided into ten categories and, at the end, they indicated one single preferred choice, overall – the “Employer of their Dreams”. 

Despite a few changes in positions, the Top 20 ranking, in the category Overall, had only three new entries, compared to 2021. Manchester City Football Club (16th), FIBA (17th) and Ferrari (20th) replaced The Premier League, AC Milan and the ATP Tour as the respondents’ top 20 favourite places to work in sport.

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Digital Trends in the Sports Industry

The digital era has seen mobile technologies take center stage; fueling the dramatic rise in direct-to-consumer (D2C) strategies we are witnessing today and the continued trend towards digital consumption. Naturally, this has tested the sports industry currently navigating a saturated technology market, though it also highlights the importance of establishing a digital strategy sooner rather than later.

It’s an exciting time for the industry – albeit challenging. As teams, leagues, and federations attempt to grow their audience reach and meet consumer demand for more mobile-supported content, many organizations are realizing that they don’t have the infrastructure to adopt an efficient digital fan engagement strategy just yet and that their current business model is outdated.

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THE EUROPEAN ELITE 2022 confirms the recent upturn in the industry – indeed, after a year when all clubs’ EVs decreased, now 23 clubs have managed to improve on their past valuations. In contrast to last year, when due to the devastating impacts of the coronavirus pandemic, the aggregate EV of the 32 clubs suffered a historic decrease of 15%, now their total EV has grown again year on year (by 10%), almost the same average growth rate of the years preceding the health crisis.

Find out more details in our summary, or refer to the full report.

Key findings from the 2022 edition and the six previous valuation reports are presented in an interactive dashboard below. The dashboard can be put into full-screen mode by clicking the bottom-right icon and it’s possible to switch between pages by the navigation pane.

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A whole new ball game: Navigating digital transformation in the sports industry

There is no question that technology has transformed, and will continue to transform, businesses across all industries, radically altering both the customer experience and the inner workings of organizations. The sports industry, in particular, is undergoing rapid upheaval, and digital technology is unlocking unprecedented opportunities for growth. In order to fully capitalize on those opportunities, however, sports organizations will likely need a digital overhaul. “Doing digital” is not enough: They will have to embed digital in every aspect of the business, transforming people, processes, and technology.

Going through any kind of organizational transformation is not to be taken lightly. But given the significant opportunities that exist for sports organizations, the undertaking is well-worth considering. These opportunities fall into four categories.

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UEFA Club Licensing and Financial Sustainability Regulations 2022

The new football earnings requirements are an evolution of the existing break-even requirements and will bring greater stability to club finances. To ease the implementation for clubs, the calculation of football earnings is similar to the calculation of the break-even result. While the acceptable deviation has increased from €30 million over three years to €60 million over three years, requirements to ensure the fair value of transactions, to improve the clubs’ balance sheet, and to reduce debts have been significantly strengthened.

The biggest innovation in the new regulations will be the introduction of a squad cost rule to bring better control in relation to player wages and transfer costs. The regulation limits spending on wages, transfers, and agent fees to 70% of club revenue. Assessments will be performed on a timely basis and breaches will result in pre-defined financial penalties and sporting measures.

The new regulations will come into force in June 2022. There will be gradual implementation over three years to allow clubs the necessary time to adapt.

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