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FIFPRO Player Workload Monitoring (PWM) – new report on women’s workload

We are pleased to inform you about the release of a new FIFPRO flash report, which discusses the workload of professional women footballers.

The women’s report follows the recent launch of the FIFPRO Player Workload Monitoring (PWM) platform and a similar report on male footballers. All projects have been realized through a long-term cooperation established between FIFPRO and KPMG Football Benchmark.

The new report reveals that women’s football (players, coaches, and the industry as a whole) suffer from a fragmented calendar, which does not contain enough competitive opportunities for talent development and industry growth. FIFPRO PWM demonstrates that this calendar fragmentation leads to long periods without play (“underload”) juxtaposed with shorter, but very intense periods under challenging conditions. The study covers a representative group of 85 female footballers from 6 major domestic leagues and includes club and national team matches. Report data have been sourced from the PWM platform and the research has been prepared in cooperation with KPMG Football Benchmark.

Find out more details from FIFPRO’s announcement on the launch of the women’s report here, and access the report itself here.

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  • The FIFPRO Player Workload Monitoring (PWM) platform is publicly available to everyone here.
    Developed and operated jointly by FIFPRO and KPMG Football Benchmark, the player-centric, open digital platform delivers aggregated player workload data with information about the playing time, travel log and recovery periods of a sample of male and female footballers. FIFPRO and KPMG Football Benchmark will further develop the platform over the next three years – regular data updates will enable comparisons of players and competitions around the world and measure changes across different seasons.
  • FIFPRO’s announcement on the launch of the PWM portal is available here.
  • FIFPRO men’s workload report is available here.

We trust the information of the PWM platform and the related reports provide stimulating insights to help developing a more sustainable football ecosystem.

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