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First two goal-line technology providers join the FIFA Quality Programme

First two goal-line technology providers join the FIFA Quality Programme

( Tuesday 23 October 2012
First two goal-line technology providers join the FIFA Quality Programme

Following FIFA’s historic decision to approve the usage of goal-line technology (GLT), the first two technology providers, GoalRef and Hawk-Eye, have signed licence agreements. This milestone in the GLT process, which began in 2011, means that the two companies now have official authorisation to install their respective goal-line technology systems worldwide.

Between October 2011 and June 2012, both companies passed a series of extensive laboratory and field tests (read Test and Research), tests in simulated match situations, as well as tests in live matches.

In order to become a FIFA licensee, both companies also had to meet a range of application requirements such as compliance with the code of conduct of the WFSGI (World Federation of the Sporting Goods Industry), as well as fulfilling the ISO 9001 standard to demonstrate fitness for business. The companies were also required to provide product liability insurance for their goal-line technology.

Once a system has been installed in a stadium, the system undergoes a final inspection to check its functionality. This is carried out by an independent test institute, and the results of this so-called “final installation test” must be successful.

Only a positive final installation test qualifies a system to be used in official matches. When this occurs, the system is awarded the FIFA QUALITY PRO mark.

More information on the FIFA Quality Programme for Goal-Line Technology, including a list of all certified installations, videos and more information on the licensing procedure, can be found in this section.  Reference 

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