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“III.Uluslararası Sosyal Bilimler Sempozyumu”

Sports Industry 4.0

4.0 e

Sports Industry 4.0 ( Spor Endüstrisi 4.0 ): Doç.Dr.Sebahattin Devecioğlu, Firat University, Faculty of Sports Sciences, Department of Sports Management, Elazig, Turkey,
The first industrial revolution (1.0) took place with mechanical production systems by using water and steam power. The second industrial revolution (2.0) started with the development of production lines in mass production with the help of electric power. In the third industrial revolution (3.0), on the other hand, production became even more automatic along with digital revolution, use of electronics and development of ITs (Information Technologies). Today, we have been faced with the fourth industrial revolution (4.0) at current point of science and technology. The new revolution is called as Industry 4.0

We know that sportive services, products, institutions and organizations are also affected in all stages of advancing science and technology. Being the oldest and indispensable institution of the history of humanity; sports is affected by the developments of the fourth industrial revolution today. We witness developments in sports technologies and the use of new technologies, facilities, applications, technics, and strategies in Olympic games that are organized in every four years with industrial developments in the world. The fact that sports centers upon human and society causes it to use and get affected by the developments in science and technology much earlier. Today, a number of products and services within the sports industry are easily associated with new technologies and besides, sports institutions and activities inspire with and contribute to the development of new technologies.

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