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Sports industry: ready for recovery?

Taking the pulse of the sports industry each year, the sixth edition of the PwC Sports Survey addresses the arduous journey of sports organisations’ crisis recovery. Drawing on the views of nearly 800 sports industry leaders from around the world, the findings demonstrate that a host of internal and external forces continue to profoundly impact the sector as it seeks a more sustainable future.

This year’s edition covers the growths expectations and key market forces that are expected to transform the sports sector over the next three to five years. It then features three detailed chapters on societal and financial sustainability, major governance reforms of sports organisations as well as reshaping of commercial models. Ready to find out the key drivers to rebuild a better sports industry?

Explore the key trends shaping the sports industry in 2021

Sports have long engaged in CSR activities to create positive impacts in their communities. But in recent months, we’ve seen a multitude of both internal and external factors heralding a powerful paradigm shift, where sports organisations’ societal role must take on an integral dimension, with social, environmental and financial sustainability fully integrated into the wider strategy.

A perfect storm is indeed forming, with athletes raising their voices and fans demanding a greater role in governance, pushing rights owners to strengthen their social fabric at an unprecedented level. In addition to sponsors’ quest for deeper purpose, the rise of professional investors in the sector, who increasingly consider sustainability criteria in order to guide their investments, also acts as a powerful driving force.

More than just ticking the box, it’s crucial that sports organisations walk the extra mile from being primarily an advocacy platform to becoming a true, actionable hub for sustainability. Using their unparalleled influence to do good in society, sports are indeed expected to exceed the ethical standards followed by most industries.

The dialogue on the social and environmental role of sports has intensified, with many athletes and stakeholders taking an open stand on issues beyond the field.

PwC’s Sports Survey 2021

Download the survey

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