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The Top 25 Most Innovative Teams in the World 2021

Sports Innovation Lab Unveils The Top 25 Most Innovative Teams in the World

New industry report details teams best equipped to flourish in years ahead

Known for its forward-thinking research and market intelligence, Sports Innovation Lab today released its proprietary list of The Top 25 Most Innovative Teams in the World. The list is part of Sports Innovation Lab’s latest report, in which the global sports research firm recounts the unprecedented challenges for the sports and entertainment industry, uses a data-driven methodology to generate the list of top teams, and outlines the path forward. The list features teams across several global football leagues, the National Basketball Association, the National Football League, and Major League Baseball.

“The global pandemic hit the sports industry with tremendous force in March and as a result, it changed the entire business landscape as we formally knew it,” said Angela Ruggiero, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Sports Innovation Lab. “In order to continue growing and flourishing in this new reality, organizations must be nimble by embracing the most innovative operations and adapting to the Fluid Fan. With this list, we’re celebrating a group of trailblazers who have continued to drive their businesses forward, despite these unprecedented circumstances.”

Based on Sports Innovation Lab’s research and analysis, The Top 25 Most Innovative Teams in the World are:

To determine The Top 25 Most Innovative Teams in the World, Sports Innovation Lab examined organizations within the world’s ten most lucrative sports leagues. Eligible teams were assessed across three categories: 1) revenue diversification, 2) organizational agility and 3) technology alignment. More than 8,000 data sources and over 150,000 market signals were analyzed by Sports Innovation Lab’s proprietary technology to rank and determine the most innovative teams.

“Our team of analysts masterfully identified patterns of success among the world’s most nimble and well-prepared sports organizations,” said Josh Walker, Co-Founder and President, Sports Innovation Lab. “Our ongoing daily research and guidance will help the industry in charting the journey ahead.”

During this period of disruption, sports businesses are being challenged and forced to keep up with the latest technologies and behavior trends that are currently redefining the sports and entertainment experience. Sports Innovation Lab conducts daily data analysis which tracks fan behaviors, industry trends, and on the companies, organizations, teams, leagues and venues throughout the sports industry to provide an unbiased assessment of the consumer behaviors that are impacting the sports, media and entertainment industry.

For more information and to read the full report please visit here:

About Sports Innovation Lab
Sports Innovation Lab is leading a sports research revolution. Sports Innovation Lab exists to educate clients on the technological possibilities for their brand and how to ultimately drive value to the end consumer: the Fluid Fans™. Sports Innovation Lab inspires brands to create bold fan experiences through data-driven technology insights and industry-leading research. Visit Sports Innovation Lab and follow on Twitter & LinkedIn.


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