Super Bowl LI-2017

The Economics Of A Super Bowl Ad (Wayne Duggan , Benzinga Staff Writer)


Super Bowl LI

It’s rare that a company will watch $5 million hard-earned dollars disappear in a matter of 30 seconds and be happy about it. However, that’s exactly what will happen Sunday when dozens of advertisers watch their 30-second TV ads air during the commercial breaks of the Super Bowl.

The Ubiquitous Controversies

Of course, no Super Bowl is complete without its fair share of advertising controversy, which can also be an opportunity for advertisers. The GNC Holdings Inc GNC ad that the NFL rejected due to GNC’s use of banned ingredients may generate more media attention than the original advertisement would have.


In addition, controversy over whether or not halftime performer Lady Gaga will comment on President Donald Trump during her performance may put more eyes on halftime advertisements than usual.

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