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Charity Match

Free Hong Kong & Liverpool Legends & Rangers Legends Charity Match

Hello Family and Friends

This weekend I got invited to a Rangers fc and Liverpool fc Legends Charity match in Scotland.

Thanks to China Communist Party, being such a terrible bad sports, the issue of Hong Kong became a champion of Freedom of expression but hopefully we have not been co-oped by NBA into its version of “Greed is Good” capitalism yet….though arguably Hong Kong itself exist as the trophy case for “Winner takes all” in its skyline of “Whose giant phallic symbol is this commercial building anyway?”.

Nevertheless we managed to instill a love of freedom inspite of Hong Kong’s blatant love affair with Commerce in all its forms.

Like many commodities found on the silk roads, football is fun. The media talked about the legends game a lot.

My first Live soccer match so fun. I enjoyed how civilised and laid back it was..

I wore my Hong Kong flag pin and my Marie Curie Cancer Research Charity Yellow Daffadil Pins, supporting of ETHICAL Sportsmanship and Freedom of Expression in Sports and the Arts.

It was an unusually sunny day. Everyone had a good time. There was not any of the usual “angry fans” issues associated with a “rough crowd” soccer match. So basically no one stabbed anybody….lol.

The official sponsor for Liverpool fc was their Bespoke Tailor in Liverpool and a Tech repair company sponsored Rangers fc. They deliberately kept it low-key for a more glocal theme as the money raised for the day will go to their charity foundations to provide sports and community activities for boys and girls living in the poorest slum areas.

It was a day celebrating ethical sportsmanship and friendship between the legends former team mates.

We enjoyed attending after a lovely Brunch of Vegan Berries pancakes and Soya Chai Latte.

My only concern was the quality and price of the junkfood in the sports stadium. A lot of independent Scottish Green MP had raised concerns about it. I tried an Ibrox hotdog and saw that many outlets were “sold out” while the healthy choice van in the family area seemed quite empty. Okay, so organic lentil soup was not a crowd favorite. But that Ibrox hotdog I had was Disgusting!

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