Chung Mong-Joon

5 people who could run FIFA next

The announcement of the Swiss criminal investigation into FIFA president Joseph “Sepp” Blatter brought renewed calls for his resignation. Regardless, of Feb. 26, if not sooner, FIFA will have a new president, and the favorite to succeed Blatter is now fighting for his reputation too.
The Swiss Attorney General’s office claims Blatter in 2011 made an illicit 2 million swiss franc ($2 million) to Michel Platini, the former three-time European player of the year who has been expected to take over FIFA in the post-Blatter era. While Blatter’s attorney issued a statement to protest the soccer head’s innocence, Platini said the payment is related to work he “carried out under a contract with FIFA.”
The revelation creates an opening for other candidates in the race to succeed Blatter. Here’s who’s in the running, officially and otherwise: Reference:

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