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A whole new ball game: Navigating digital transformation in the sports industry

There is no question that technology has transformed, and will continue to transform, businesses across all industries, radically altering both the customer experience and the inner workings of organizations. The sports industry, in particular, is undergoing rapid upheaval, and digital technology is unlocking unprecedented opportunities for growth. In order to fully capitalize on those opportunities, however, sports organizations will likely need a digital overhaul. “Doing digital” is not enough: They will have to embed digital in every aspect of the business, transforming people, processes, and technology.

Going through any kind of organizational transformation is not to be taken lightly. But given the significant opportunities that exist for sports organizations, the undertaking is well-worth considering. These opportunities fall into four categories.

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Deloitte Football Money League 2022

Welcome to a milestone edition of the Deloitte Football Money League (‘DFML’). Every year, DFML profiles the financial performance of the highest revenue generating clubs in world football. This year’s edition is a landmark publication for more reasons than one, as it marks 25 years of DFML and covers the first season (2020/21) to be impacted by COVID-19 from start to finish.

Published less than twelve months after the end of the 2020/21 season, the Money League is the most contemporary and reliable independent analysis of the featured clubs’ relative financial performance.

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2021 sports industry outlook

In 2020, two game-changing shifts affected the US sports industry: the COVID-19 pandemic and the social justice movement. According to US sports leader Pete Giorgio, sports organizations can position themselves to thrive in 2021 by addressing key opportunities, from fan engagement to advanced technology to the role of sports in society.

Strategizing a game plan from key sports trends

In our annual outlook, we predict the impacts of the events of 2020 will be felt by the US sports industry for years to come, and 2021 will be a pivotal year—challenging fans, athletes, broadcasters, teams, and leagues alike in new and unexpected ways.

Consider these three strategic opportunities to boldly position your business to thrive in the future:

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2021 Outlook for the U.S. Sports Industry

At SportTechie, we make sports smarter. Through immersive storytelling and industry-leading events, we connect you to the innovators and power brokers who are shaping the future of sports technology.

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2020 Sports Industry Outlook

Will the sports industry be filled with golden opportunities during an Olympic year? Deloitte’s US sports leader Pete Giorgio gives his play-by-play of the biggest trends shaping up for 2020.n our annual outlook, we’re predicting the trends that we believe will dominate and disrupt the sports industry over the next 12 months. As we look toward 2020, we believe that five trends will have the biggest impact on athletes, team and league executives, and players across the sports ecosystem: ownload the full report or listen to the podcast and see why 2020 promises to be another fast-paced year of thrills, controversies, and surprises throughout the sports industry

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Deloitte Football Money League 2020

Welcome to the 23rd edition of the Deloitte Football Money League (DFML) in which we profile the highest revenue generating clubs in world football. Generating record revenue of €841m, Barcelona reach the top of the Money League for the first time, becoming the first club to break the €800m barrier. Overall, the 20 highest earning […]

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Deloitte Football Money League 2019

Generating record revenue of €750.9m, Real Madrid return to first place in the Money League for the first time since 2015/16, posting the second-highest lead over second place (FC Barcelona) in Money League history (€60.5m). Overall, the 20 highest earning football clubs in the world generated a record €8.3bn (£7.4bn) of combined revenue in 2017/18, […]

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Deloitte sports sponsorships

Deloitte sports sponsorships
Deloitte carefully selects sponsorships that share our core values of leadership, integrity, commitment to teaming, strength through diversity, and a global perspective. This is how we make an impact that matters. High-visibility sponsorships are a tremendous way to build our brand with our clients, our professionals, and our recruits, as well as the broader marketplace. But what is truly meaningful in these relationships is that our efforts to advance these organizations goes far beyond writing a check. Deloitte’s professionals serve as trusted advisors helping shape long-term strategy, improve operational efficiency, and implement substantive change.

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Deloitte Futbol Para Ligi 2018

Her yıl merakla beklenen Deloitte’un Para Ligi Raporu’na göre en yüksek gelire sahip 20 kulübün toplam gelirleri %6 büyüyerek 7,9 milyar Euro’ya çıktı. 2017 yılında Real Madrid’i zirveden ederek tahta oturan Manchester United, 676 milyon Euro gelir ile liderlik pozisyonunu korudu.

Deloitte’un, bu yıl 21’incisini yayımladığı Futbol Para Ligi raporuna göre en çok gelir elde eden 20 kulüp, gelirlerini 2016/2017 sezonunda %6 artırarak 7,9 milyar Euro kazanç sağladı.


2017’de Futbol Para Ligi’nde liderlik koltuğunu Real Madrid’den 11 sene sonra geri alan Manchester United, 676,3 milyon Euro gelir ile ilk sıradaki yerini 2018’de de korudu. Manchester United’ı, 674,6 milyon Euro ile Real Madrid izledi. Barcelona ise 648,3 milyon Euro ile üçüncü sırada yer aldı. Alman Bayern Munich dördüncü sıradaki, İngiliz Manchester City ise beşinci sıradaki yerlerini korudu.

Kulüplerin 2016/17 sezonundaki gelir kaynaklarının en büyük kısmını (%45) yayın hakları oluşturdu, bunda da en büyük pay sahibi Premier League oldu. Listede, İngiltere 10 kulüp ile başı çekti. İngiliz kulüplerin toplamdaki payı 3,8 milyar Euro oldu. Listede Almanya, İspanya ve İtalya üçer takım ile boy gösterdi. Para Ligi’nde Fransa’dan tek takım ise Paris Saint-Germain oldu. Ünlü İtalyan kulübü AC Milan’ın, ilk kez Futbol Para Ligi’nde ilk 20’de kendisine sıralamada yer bulamayışı ise dikkat çekti.

Türk kulüplerinin durumu

Daha önce Türk kulüplerinden Galatasaray ve Fenerbahçe ikişer kez ilk 20’de kendilerine yer bulmuş ve geçtiğimiz sene ilk 30’da yer almışlardı. Ancak son iki sezonda her ikisi de gelir kaybı yaşadılar. Bu nedenle 2018 sıralamasında yer almadılar. Öte yandan gelirlerini önemli düzeyde artıran Beşiktaş buna rağmen ilk 30’da kendine yer bulamadı.

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Deloitte Football Money League 2018

Welcome to the 21st edition of the Deloitte Football Money League in which the Sports Business Group of Deloitte UK profiles the highest revenue generating clubs in world football.

Published just eight months after the end of the 2016/17 season, the Money League is the most contemporary and reliable independent analysis of the clubs’ relative financial performance.

Aggregate revenue for the top 20 Money League clubs rose 6% to €7.9 billion (£6.8 billion) in 2016/76, a new record, with the top three clubs—Manchester United, FC Barcelona, and Real Madrid—earning a combined revenue of €2 billion for the first time.

Manchester United pip Real Madrid to remain top of the Money League
Manchester United retained top spot for a second consecutive year, generating total revenue of €676m (£581m). This year’s battle for first place was the closest in Money League history, just €1.7m (£1.5m) separated Manchester United and second place Real Madrid: United’s win in the Europa League Final proving critical in the club topping our list for a tenth time. Real Madrid moved back above FC Barcelona into second place thanks to strong commercial growth in 2016/17 and a title winning season in both domestic and European competitions, with Bayern Munich and Manchester City making up the remainder of the Money League top five.

A place in the top 20 now requires revenue of approximately €200m, a 16% increase on last year and double the amount required in the 2010 edition of the Money League.

Premier League continues to dominate
The English Premier League has ten teams in the top 20 this year, the highest ever from one country, with Southampton (18th) making their debut in the Money League top 20, Manchester City consolidating their place in the top five, and Leicester City rising to 14th, from 20th last year. Outside the top 20, there are four more English clubs ranked 21-30, including AFC Bournemouth who debut in 28th place.

In the longer term, changes to the Champions League format from 2018/19 and the new Premier League domestic and international broadcast rights agreements commencing in 2019/20 will be key influencing factors on the membership and order of clubs in future editions of the Money League.

2018 infographic
View and download some of the key findings in our 2018 Deloitte Football Money League infographic.

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