The Global Digital Football Benchmark Study has been released. Twice a year, during the summer break and at the beginning of each year RESULT Sports shares the status quo of Football Clubs around the world and their digital communities on social platforms.

RESULT Sports monitors the community evolution on 28 social platforms, updates this number frequently, as sport organisations evolve their presence. The Global Digital Football Benchmark reviews for the first time ever the status on fifteen social platforms. Never before has such an extensive research been released in a single benchmarking studies.

Analysis of Digital Sports Game Sector

9 th. International Symposiums on “Computer Science in Sport ” 19-22. June 2013, İstanbul,Turkey Analysis of Digital Sports Game Sector Sebahattin Devecioğlu                         Firat University, Departmant of Sport Management, Elazig, Turkey The digital development has also changed the world of computer games and playing. […]

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