The global sports industry is ‘undergoing more disruption than ever’ as a result of ongoing shifts in media consumption, the emergence of new technologies and a rapidly evolving sponsorship market, according to the 2017 edition of PwC’s annual Sports Survey.

The recent report published by the professional services firm, shines a spotlight on many of the trends and innovations permeating sport globally, with a particular focus on the latest developments in technology, media consumption and distribution.

According to the report, which is based on an online survey of 189 sports industry stakeholders and which was conducted between May and June of this year, the industry’s growth rate will slow down by over 32 per cent in the coming three to five years – although it is predicted that the industry will grow by an average of 6.4 per cent over the same period.

This trend perhaps reflects the ongoing rise of over-the-top (OTT) streaming solutions ‘across a variety of private platforms, in particular social media, and media consumption trending towards mobile, bite-sized and on-demand content’, the report says.




Intel will deliver two distinct gaming experiences to Korea in the lead-up to PyeongChang 2018: the Intel® Extreme Masters PyeongChang esports tournament, featuring one of the most celebrated esports titles of all time, Blizzard Entertainment’s “StarCraft® II”, and a separate exhibition featuring Ubisoft’s action-sports title “Steep™ Road to the Olympics”, the official licensed game of the Olympic Winter Games PyeongChang 2018.

EkoLig – Futbol Ekonomisi Raporu 2


Aktif Bank; Türkiye’de futbola en kapsamlı desteği sunan kurum olarak, elindeki bilgi birikimi ile futbol dünyası için kalıcı bir finansal kaynak oluşturmak amacıyla, Türkiye’nin ilk periyodik futbol ekonomisi raporu EkoLig’i hazırladı.

EkoLig – Futbol Ekonomisi Raporu, Türk Futbolunun gelirlerini ve ekonomik görünümünü mercek altına alan ve futbolun finansal verilerini Avrupa’nın önde gelen ligleri ile karşılaştırmalı olarak sunan rapordur. Kulüplerin en önemli gelir kalemleri ve öne çıkan rakamların yanı sıra Spor Toto Süper Lig’in finansal başarı öykülerine de yer veren rapor, Türk Futbolunun gelirlerini ve ekonomik haritasını ayrıntılı bir şekilde ele almaktadır. EkoLig, karşılaştırmalı analizlerle, kulüplere ve futbol dünyasının bileşenlerine Türk Futbolunun gelirlerini ve gelişim potansiyelini düzenli olarak izleme ve değerlendirme olanağı sunarak, kaynak üretimi ve mali disiplin stratejilerine kılavuzluk etmek için düzenli olarak yayınlanmaktadır.​

Sports Industry 4.0

4.0 e

Sports Industry 4.0 ( Spor Endüstrisi 4.0 ): Doç.Dr.Sebahattin Devecioğlu, Firat University, Faculty of Sports Sciences, Department of Sports Management, Elazig, Turkey,
The first industrial revolution (1.0) took place with mechanical production systems by using water and steam power. The second industrial revolution (2.0) started with the development of production lines in mass production with the help of electric power. In the third industrial revolution (3.0), on the other hand, production became even more automatic along with digital revolution, use of electronics and development of ITs (Information Technologies). Today, we have been faced with the fourth industrial revolution (4.0) at current point of science and technology. The new revolution is called as Industry 4.0

We know that sportive services, products, institutions and organizations are also affected in all stages of advancing science and technology. Being the oldest and indispensable institution of the history of humanity; sports is affected by the developments of the fourth industrial revolution today. We witness developments in sports technologies and the use of new technologies, facilities, applications, technics, and strategies in Olympic games that are organized in every four years with industrial developments in the world. The fact that sports centers upon human and society causes it to use and get affected by the developments in science and technology much earlier. Today, a number of products and services within the sports industry are easily associated with new technologies and besides, sports institutions and activities inspire with and contribute to the development of new technologies.



FIFEX is the best opportunity to promote your industrial football product to the open market and to be a part of the football industry.
Turkish football economy has grown 5 times its size in 10 years!
Worth almost TL 5 billion ($1.4 billion), Turkey’s football economy has grown fivefold in the last decade. sessions, exhibition areas and many more!
Former Nike Head of Global Football Research and the CEO and Founder of Acceler8 Performance Ltd, focusing on high speed decision making in sports. Dr. Erez Morag will participate in FIFEX as a speaker!

European Football Coaches will be represented in Antalya! AEFCA President Mr. Walter Gagg is one of our key speakers!
UEFA’s Chief Technical Director since 2008 Ioan Lupescu will be our speaker at 24th International Pro-License Coaches Development Seminar which will be held during FIFEX.

FIFA releases full Garcia report into corruption in 2018, ’22 World Cup bids


FIFA released the full contents of the Garcia report that examined alleged corruption in 2018 and 2022 World Cup bidding on Tuesday, one day after it was leaked to German newspaper Bild.

The 2014 report by independent ethics investigator Michael J. Garcia was once expected to be explosive and became a holy grail for FIFA critics who thought the votes that gave the World Cups to Russia and Qatar could be rerun.

Previously, FIFA had only published a 42-page summary of his findings, released by its then-ethics judge, Hans-Joachim Eckert. The move upset Garcia, who said the reduced document misrepresented his work.

TL 5B football economy to be discussed in Antalya


Worth almost TL 5 billion ($1.4 billion), Turkey’s football economy has grown fivefold in the last decade. With employment and added value, it has become one of the most dynamic sectors of the Turkish economy.

Now for the first time, the country’s football industry will become the subject of discussions at the Football Industry Forum and Exhibition (FIFEX) in Antalya from Jan. 8 to Jan. 10, 2018.

The forum is jointly organized by the Turkish Football Federation (TFF) and the Turkish Football Coaches Association (TÜFAD). FIFEX Coordinator Hür Dilber said that football is more than a sport in Turkey. The economic size of the football industry means it should be a matter of discussion. Revealing that Turkey’s football economy has grown fivefold in the last decade, Dilber said, “Football should be considered just like other industries that drive the Turkish economy.”

He noted that it was important for all parties to gather around the same table and join forces to increase Turkish football’s market share in the global arena. FIFEX will look to address that issue, Dilber said. Different institutions and companies involved with the industry, including field turf and artificial grass producers, construction companies, sports nutrition brands, sportswear companies, healthcare and software companies will join the FIFEX forum, he confirmed.

Dilber added that football industry investors would also be awarded at the FIFEX Football Industry Awards Ceremony on Jan. 9. The application process for the awards has begun through the FIFEX website. The awards will include 40 different categories, including best jersey design, best-equipped football facilities, best training software and best architectural design for a stadium

Fantasizing About Sports


It’s a ritual for millions of people every Sunday. The dedicated and devout take a knee and recite a prayer under their breath. But they pray not for communal forgiveness, reconciliation or good health — they pray for touchdowns.
56.8 million fantasy sports devotees look to part their league like the Red Sea en route to success, but those waves may crash down and flood those hopes.

The New York state attorney general has ordered daily fantasy sports (DFS) websites to stop accepting bets, saying their leagues constituted illegal gambling. Fantasy sports, loved and cherished by many, has been casted as a sin. The cease-and-desist order by the NY attorney general Eric Schneiderman was a crucial blow to the lucrative world of fantasy football and fantasy sports. Many fantasy players have since then directed their prayers towards the state, hoping it overturns the attorney general’s decision.

Until then, those millions of fantasy football players continue to play the game. The Gateway takes a look at how religious fantasy football’s players can be, and how many people’s Sundays the NY attorney general’s decision could affect.

Many follow a set of commandments on NFL Sunday: wake up, turn on the Red Zone channel, monitor Twitter for player injury statuses and meticulously set their coveted fantasy football lineup. Heaven for them is atop their league, while hell is a fate for the destroyed.




Welcome to our special report on the US/UK ‘Special Relationship’– the sporting version.

This new SMG Insight report reveals for the first time the data driving the efforts of the NFL and soccer to build audiences on foreign soil.

The Special Relationship report looks at how the differences between British and American sports fans are steering the sports’ strategies to break into one another’s home markets.

It offers a unique trove of data and analysis for every sport looking to grow its footprints beyond home turf, examining factors as broad as fantasy sports, Title IX, season scarcity, soccer moms and commercial deals across both sides of the Atlantic.

Complete the form on the right and download your copy of the Special Relationship report.


GSI Report - Front Cover

The eagerly awaited third edition of Sportcal’s unique and groundbreaking Global Sports Impact (GSI) Report is now available to purchase. Packed with insight and analysis, the GSI Report is an essential tool for governing bodies, rights holders, event organisers, government agencies, NGO’s, sponsors, broadcasters and service providers. 2016 was an Olympic year and for many sports this represents the culmination of a four-year sporting programme.
The Global Sports Impact Report 2017 provides in-depth analysis of this four-year Olympic Cycle from 2013-2016. Key topics such as Event Hosting and Bidding, Economic Impact, Sport Tourism, Sporting Impact and Event Analysis are featured within the report
The research also includes analysis of 70 multisport games, world and continental championships which took place during 2016.
In addition, GSI Report 2017 has also analysed attendances of 70 of the world’s leading sports properties and provides an overview of the sporting impacts produced across a range of these world cups, leagues, series and tours.
Governing bodies, rights holders, event organisers, government agencies, NGOs, sponsors, broadcasters and service providers will all find valuable data, analysis and insight within this 330-page report.

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