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Golf Participation Report for Europe 2018

The report, which provides invaluable figures regarding the supply and demand trends in Europe for 2017, is the latest of KPMG’s annual publications offering analysis and insights into Europe’s golf industry.

In last year’s report, KPMG’s research for 2016 demonstrated that the European golf market had continued to stabilize in terms of numbers of registered golfers and golf courses in operation. In 2017, this trend continued with no significant changes in the overall supply and demand figures for Europe, although some countries did record noticeable changes.

When taking a closer look at Europe’s golf markets, 76% of local golf associations indicated that the level of participation in their country in 2017 had either stabilized or increased. The remaining 24% of European markets still experienced some decline, including key markets such as England, Scotland, Ireland and the Netherlands. The overall participation rate for Europe has remained stable since 2015.

The research shows that the number of registered golfers and affiliated golf courses in Europe slightly decreased, by 0.8% (-34,925) and 1.0% (-71) respectively.

Based on our survey, the gender mix of registered golfers hasn’t changed since 2016, which means golf is still a male dominated sport (67%) in Europe. The Golf Participation Report for Europe in 2018 also focuses on European professional players and provides some insights about the distribution and number of registered professionals. Same as in the last four years, KPMG has put together the relevant data compiled directly from the respective golf associations across the old continent

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Regional golf market snapshot: Central & Eastern Europe

This latest regional golf market snapshot provides insights and analysis of current demand and supply trends in the Central & Eastern European golf industry. This time KPMG has studied 19 CEE golf markets, offering an outlook on golf in the region.

Regional golf market snapshot: Central & Eastern Europe
In 2015 our research demonstrated that the CEE, though there are several nascent markets which have experienced a minor decline in demand, overall, the general trend is growth

Though there are nascent markets which demonstrate a consistent stability (which we address in this report), the general trend throughout the region is growth with nearly approximately 78% of the region’s golf associations (67% in traditional European markets) indicated that their level of participation either stabilized or increased in 2015. We also provide a brief analysis of three markets (Albania, Bulgaria and the Czech Republic). Please read the full report for a detailed insight.

If you require any further clarifications or if you wish to discuss our findings, please feel free to contact the KPMG Golf Advisory Team.

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Turkey – The Rising Star of Golf 2015

We are delighted to present our report on golf in Turkey, one of today’s most successful golf tourism destinations in the past decade globally. With its 18 golf clubs and 6,776 golfers, today Turkey represents a golf market in its infancy that still relies heavily on international golf tourism. However, in light of a progressing tourism industry and favourable climatic conditions, together with its highly successful junior golf programme, and commitment of industry stakeholders to further the development of golf in the country through various initiatives. We believe that golf in Turkey has a great development potential.

In the autumn of 2015, KPMG’s Golf Advisory Practice interviewed key market players and queried all golf course managers and operators currently active in Turkey to gain an understanding of their operations and their future expectations about the golf market.

Some key highlights of our findings include:

Supply for and demand of golf in Turkey is mainly concentrated in Belek (Antalya Province). With 11 golf clubs and its 16 courses (18-hole equivalent) and a total of 513,000 rounds played at these facilities in 2014, Belek represents one of the fastest growing Mediterranean golf tourism destinations;
While in Istanbul and Ankara over 90% of rounds are played by members, at clubs located in tourist regions around 2% of the rounds played are member rounds with the rest generated by green fees (mostly international golf tourists);
With more than 32,000 rounds played in Belek at an 18-hole (or equivalent) golf course on average, this region is one of the best performing golf markets in Europe.

Turkey’s choice of Belek for the development of such a major golf cluster, at least in European terms, has proven to be successful within the country and the golfing world. With further courses in the country’s planning stage, and Belek being Turkey’s most prominent golf destination, there is a wealth of acquired knowledge and experience in this region on which Turkey can capitalise to grow its overall golf market. We would like to express our appreciation to Turkish Airlines and the Turkish Golf Federation for their support during the course of preparation of this report and to all of the golf course managers and operators who have contributed to this research.

If you would like to receive any clarification or discuss the survey results, please feel free to contact the Golf Benchmark Team.

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Golf Course Development Cost Survey 2014

Based on the responses of owners and developers of over 100 recently constructed/under development golf facilities, our latest report provides information on the planning and construction costs of golf courses in various locations of EMA, as well as typical development timeframes.

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2012 World Amateur Team Championships in Turkey.

WORLD AMATEUR TEAM CHAMPIONSHIPS 2012 ANTALYA, TURKEY Dear Golf Lovers, We, as the Turkish Golf Federation, are very proud to organize the 2012 World Amateur Team Championships in Turkey. This great success is an indicator of world’s appreciation for the dedicated efforts of Turkish Golf Federation, established in 1996 as one of the youngest federations in […]

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