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 EPSI – The European Platform for Sport Innovation

EPSI TÜRKİYE WEBINAR :  July 19th-10 a.m TR 

“EU Funding Opportunities in Sport and Innovation”

EPSI- European Platform for Sport Innovation. EPSI TURKISH WEBINAR : “EU Funding Opportunitites in Sport and Innovation” 19th July 2022 Time 10 .00 a.m TR.

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Spor Endüstrisinde Web 3.0

Web 3.0 ve Blockchain, sahiplik algısını değiştirecek. Bu, insanların hayatlarını günlük olarak etkileyecek ve sonuç olarak, uğraştıkları takımlardan ve sporlardan beklentileri değişecektir.  Spor endüstrisinin önündeki seçim, onu görmezden gelip eskisi gibi devam etmek mi ? yoksa bunun ne anlama gelebileceğini öğrenmek, potansiyeli anlamak ve hayran katılımını ve onunla birlikte para kazanmayı teşvik etmek için bir sonraki teknoloji yenilik dalgasını kullanmak mıdır (4). Hep birlikte göreceğiz..

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The EPSI Strategic Research & Innovation Agenda 2021 – 2027 has been developed as a guidance document-with the aim of anticipating future innovation trends within the European sport ecosystem and instigating a co-ordinated action to take advantage of the opportunities presented. Promoting sport and an active heathy lifestyle among citizens, enterprises, public bodies, universities, schools, research centres, federations, clubs, clusters and community associations has quantifiable beneficial effects for all sections of society and creates positive spill-over effects into many economic sectors.

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The Top 25 Most Innovative Teams in the World 2021

Known for its forward-thinking research and market intelligence, Sports Innovation Lab today released its proprietary list of The Top 25 Most Innovative Teams in the World. The list is part of Sports Innovation Lab’s latest report, in which the global sports research firm recounts the unprecedented challenges for the sports and entertainment industry, uses a data-driven methodology to generate the list of top teams, and outlines the path forward. The list features teams across several global football leagues, the National Basketball Association, the National Football League, and Major League Baseball.

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One of the EPSI activities is putting forward the sports industry’s research and innovation agenda towards the European Commission and national governments. EPSI has developed following activities:

In 2008 the EPSI network has formulated a vision and a strategic research agenda for the European Sports sector towards 2015 (SRA 2015) for the sports sector.
In 2011 a new project was started, called the project , in which a joint strategic research agenda is formulated for the European Consumer Goods Industry. EPSI is involved in this project through several of its members.
In 2016 EPSI launched the EPSI Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda 2016-2021. This agenda describes the ambition: Leading Sport Innovation Globally

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Sports Industry 4.0

Sports Industry 4.0 ( Spor Endüstrisi 4.0 ): Doç.Dr.Sebahattin Devecioğlu, Firat University, Faculty of Sports Sciences, Department of Sports Management, Elazig, Turkey,
The first industrial revolution (1.0) took place with mechanical production systems by using water and steam power. The second industrial revolution (2.0) started with the development of production lines in mass production with the help of electric power. In the third industrial revolution (3.0), on the other hand, production became even more automatic along with digital revolution, use of electronics and development of ITs (Information Technologies). Today, we have been faced with the fourth industrial revolution (4.0) at current point of science and technology. The new revolution is called as Industry 4.0

We know that sportive services, products, institutions and organizations are also affected in all stages of advancing science and technology. Being the oldest and indispensable institution of the history of humanity; sports is affected by the developments of the fourth industrial revolution today. We witness developments in sports technologies and the use of new technologies, facilities, applications, technics, and strategies in Olympic games that are organized in every four years with industrial developments in the world. The fact that sports centers upon human and society causes it to use and get affected by the developments in science and technology much earlier. Today, a number of products and services within the sports industry are easily associated with new technologies and besides, sports institutions and activities inspire with and contribute to the development of new technologies.

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The Innovation By Design Awards 2012

The Innovation By Design Awards 2012 OVERVIEW The Innovation By Design Awards event will celebrate Fast Company’s design coverage – controversial ideas, new products, business ventures, and wild ideas highlighted everyday on Co.Design and culminating in our annual October design issue – through cocktails, awards and galleries of work. Award Winners in nine categories will […]

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