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Sebahattin Devecioğlu

Turkey’s First Sports Bitclout’s ekosporcoin

Bitclout is a blockchain-based social network. It’s a new way to monetize a following. You can monetize your content without having to rely on ad revenues. Turkey’s first Sports Bitclout’s #ekosporcoin
Sports Ecosystem: Buy $BitClout $ekospor with Bitcoin  #ekosporcoin 
$BitClout is a cryptocurrency like #Bitcoin only it powers the first decentralized social network. #BitClout #ekospor

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2021 sports industry outlook

In 2020, two game-changing shifts affected the US sports industry: the COVID-19 pandemic and the social justice movement. According to US sports leader Pete Giorgio, sports organizations can position themselves to thrive in 2021 by addressing key opportunities, from fan engagement to advanced technology to the role of sports in society.

Strategizing a game plan from key sports trends

In our annual outlook, we predict the impacts of the events of 2020 will be felt by the US sports industry for years to come, and 2021 will be a pivotal year—challenging fans, athletes, broadcasters, teams, and leagues alike in new and unexpected ways.

Consider these three strategic opportunities to boldly position your business to thrive in the future:

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New FIFA report maps global competitive balance

As FIFA looks back on the 12 months that have passed since the launch of President Gianni Infantino’s vision to make football truly global, the organisation has published a report analysing the level of competitiveness in every country around the world.

The 2020 Global Competitive Balance Report details the competition structures in each of FIFA’s 211 member associations (MAs), grouped by confederation, and gives a data-driven account of how domestic competitions have developed in recent years. This is reflected in two key indicators: the number of recent champions and the points differences in the final standings. The report also provides the foundation years of clubs and MAs to provide additional context.

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Spor Ekonomisi Bülteni: Ekospor

Merhabalar..! Türk Spor Ekonomisi Platformu’nu 2004’de Ekospor olarak kurmuştum. 19 Mayıs 2007’ de ilk Bültenimi yayınlamıştım. Aradan yıllar geçmiş… Dijitalleşme süreci ile bende modaya uydum. Sizlere ulaşmak için ilk aylık bültenimi paylaşıyorum.
Destekleriniz ve katkılarınız için teşekkür ederim #ekospor
Sports Economics Networking Spor ekonomisi alanında bilimsel araştırmaları, raporları ve güncel gelişmeleri yayınlayan Türkiye’nin ilk web sayfasıdır. Yayınlarına akademik ve sektörel olarak web ortamında ve sosyal medya aracılığı ile devam etmektedir. Spor ekonomisi alanında oldukça geniş bir Network‘ e sahip olan ekospor.. Akademisyenler, öğrenciler, araştırmacılar için önemli bir kaynak oluşturmaktadır. Ekospor; spor ekonomisi okuryazarlığını yaygınlaştırmak görevini de üstlenmektedir.
Ekospor aynı zamanda sosyal medya araçlarını da aktif olarak kullanmaktadır. Ekospor’ u Twitter , İnstagram , Linkedin, Flipboard, Youtube, Facebook üzerinden takip edebilirsiniz. Sosyal Medya paylaşımlarınıza #Ekospor hashtag ile katkı sağlamanız geniş kitlelere hep birlikte ulaşmamızı sağlayacaktır.
Görüşmek ümidiyle….

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The Impact of Technology on The Future of Winter Sports, in times of COVID

A new independent Delphi study of 53 winter sports experts*, entitled ‘The Impact of Technology on The Future of Winter Sports, in times of COVID’, commissioned by Mastercard, and led by Prof. Dr. Sascha L. Schmidt from WHU Centre for Sports and management has found that COVID-19 is set to accelerate the winter sports industry into a technological revolution by 2025.

Data has highlighted that globally, digitalisation has been catapulted forwards with 5-years’ worth of adoption happening within an eight-week period. This is being reflected within the winter sports industry, as experts predict that COVID-19 will accelerate digital growth.

The change in tactics for the industry is surprising as historically, technology and skiing have had a tumultuous relationship as people look to the slopes for a ‘closer to nature’ experience. By 2025, however, experts predict that the pandemic will have a major impact on three key areas of technology; training, preparation and recovery decisions for athletes (54%), general convenience for skiers including holidaymakers (56%) and optimisation of ski lift technology to minimize the spread of viruses (41%) 

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Global Transfer Market Report 2020

FIFA has today published the 2020 edition of the FIFA Global Transfer Market Report, which charts the transfers of professional men’s and women’s players.

For the first time, the report also includes the transfers of amateur footballers worldwide. Thanks to changes to the FIFA Regulations on the Status and Transfer of Players (RSTP) and enhancements to the Transfer Matching System (TMS), since July 2020 FIFA has also been able to process and facilitate transfers of amateurs in TMS. During the first six months of implementation, some 17,382 amateur players switched clubs.

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The Top 25 Most Innovative Teams in the World 2021

Known for its forward-thinking research and market intelligence, Sports Innovation Lab today released its proprietary list of The Top 25 Most Innovative Teams in the World. The list is part of Sports Innovation Lab’s latest report, in which the global sports research firm recounts the unprecedented challenges for the sports and entertainment industry, uses a data-driven methodology to generate the list of top teams, and outlines the path forward. The list features teams across several global football leagues, the National Basketball Association, the National Football League, and Major League Baseball.

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Artificial Intelligence Impact on the Future of Sports

Artificial Intelligence is disrupting the sports industry at a tremendous pace and it’s just the beginning. The estimated size of the Global sports industry is $1.2 Trillion and is increasing very rapidly with more millennials consuming sports. It is said that post Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) era, entertainment is set to be the biggest industry on the Earth and sports will have a major contribution to it. During the AGI era, the majority of human tasks will be replaced by AI and humans will have nothing much to do and hence will be mostly engaged in entertainment activities like sports, e-sports, gaming and other forms of entertainment. 

Let’s explore AI impact on the Sports industry:

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EURO on OR in Sports : Sports Economics

31st European Conference on Operational Research – EURO 2021

“EURO stream on OR in Sports”

“Sports Economics”

11-14 July 2021 in Athens, Greece

We would like to invite you to submit an abstract to the “OR in sports” stream:


This session provides researchers with an opportunity to present theoretical, empirical, and policy-oriented research on with a quantitative/analytic component: Sports Economics, Sports Finance, Sports Marketing, Sports Sponsorship, Sports Tax, Sports Math, Sports Industry, Sports Sector, Sports Technolgy, …

You can do this by going to the abstract submission page

and use the following invitation code: ac3a23a2

(The Conference is international and purely English spoken)

(Abstracts are 1,500 characters at most)

The deadline for abstract submission is February 28, 2021

The author registration deadline is May 16

Contributions to the OR in Sports stream that do not cover sports economics can be submitted to the abstract submission page using the following invitation code: 09d2f244

Please feel free to distribute this invitation to other researchers you think may have an interesting story to present at EURO on OR in Sports

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COVID-19: Time for Sport to ‘Build Back Better’

World Players Association sets guiding principles to support the recovery and rebuilding of the global sport industry

(Nyon, Switzerland, 14 October 2020) – The World Players Association today launched six key principles to guide the global sport industry in the herculean task of recovering and rebuilding from the COVID-19 pandemic. The multi-billion-dollar industry – which accounts for up to one percent of global gross domestic product – has been acutely impacted by the crisis due to the widespread restrictions on mass gatherings and the closure of international and domestic borders.

Since being initially shut down in February 2020, the global sport industry has understood that it must lead by example given that COVID-19 is, first and foremost, a public health crisis. Sports bodies, leagues and player associations have worked closely with governments to negotiate incredibly complex health and economic protocols and agreements that have enabled professional leagues of wide-ranging scale to return to play. The pandemic has also revealed underlying vulnerabilities in the economy of professional sport, including low levels of liquidity despite almost three decades of unprecedented growth.

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