Soccer Kit Suppliers 2017/18

Sponsorship Data Report | Soccer Kit Suppliers 2017/18
Sportcal Sponsorship has analysed over 200 soccer kit supplier deals across the top two divisions in England, France, Germany, Italy and Spain. The kit supplier, or technical partner as it is referred to by many, has developed into a crucial piece of business for top soccer clubs across Europe.

The increasing competition between brands to secure top kit deals has driven up revenue for clubs and has contributed towards the commercialisation of modern soccer.

Within a kit supplier deal, brands pay the clubs an annual fee for the rights to sell licensed apparel and in return receive the majority of the revenue generated by the licensed apparel sales.

At the very top of the football pyramid, prices have continued to sky rocket given the intense competition between a handful of brands.

The likes of Nike, adidas and PUMA look to sign kit supplier deals with top teams to strengthen their market share in the sportswear industry and cash in on the global success of the soccer shirt industry.
Sponsorship Data Report

Beautiful Game Theory: How Soccer Can Help Economics

Beautiful Game Theory uses soccer to test economic theories and document novel human
behaviour. Ignacio Palacios-Huerta offers insights into game theory and microeconomics, covering topics such as mixed strategies, discrimination, incentives, and human preferences. Peter Dawson approves of the mix between analytical rigour and stories, and there are many aspects that would interest journalists and policy-makers alike. Beautiful Game Theory: How Soccer Can Help Economics. Ignacio- Palacios-Huerta. Princeton Univeristy Press. 2014.

Futbolun Buzdağı FİFA (iceberg)

Tüm dünyada örgütlenen bu buzdağının görünen beyaz yüzünün arkasındaki karanlık dehlizlerinde bir çok yolsuzluk, dolandırıcılık, rüşvet, kara para aklama, şantaj, şike ve elektronik dolandırıcılık gibi siyah noktalar bulunmaktadır.



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