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2019 has been an amazing year for women’s sports. Ongoing advancements in digital technology and rising demand for video content have changed the game.

Incorporating the views of over 300 sports professionals, we’ve teamed up with Imagen to explore the relationship between content distribution, technology and the rise of women’s sports in our new whitepaper.

Discover upcoming industry trends from the results of our survey and an easy to follow 5-step guidsiders including:

The Global Sport Economy: Contemporary Issues

This book examines the global sports ecosystem through three of its central pillars: Sport marketing, sports equipment manufacture and sales, and sport governance and organization. By focusing on these three themes, the book presents a nuanced and multi-faceted view of how the global sports economy works and what its main strategic challenges and opportunities are.

Offering a balance between theory and practice, and adopting an international perspective with case studies and examples from the Americas, Europe and Asia, the book addresses key issues such as corporate social responsibility, the impact of culture on international sport business, innovation and entrepreneurship, and consumer behaviour.

The Global Sport Economy is fascinating reading for students, researchers and practitioners with an interest in sport business and management, sport marketing, the sporting goods industry and distribution and sport governance.

Introducing “Leveraging Intellectual Property in the Global Sports Economy”

A strong global IP system is what any sports fan would call clutch. Strong IP protections have the power to transform a person kicking a ball on a dirt field into a professional athlete kicking a ball under the lights of a multi-million dollar stadium filled with thousands of fans in identical jerseys waving to millions of viewers watching on screens around the world. In short, strong IP protections transform sports into a commercially productive asset.

The global market for sporting events alone in 2014 was valued at $80 billion, with a forecast 7% growth rate. The addition of sporting goods, apparel, equipment, and health and fitness spending brings that value to $700 billion. Building on these numbers and more, our new study, “Leveraging Intellectual Property in the Global Sports Economy,” quantifies sports as an asset worth 1% of global GDP


The new sport finance book, co-written by SportsEconomics president Daniel A. Rascher is the only book that truly adresses financial management in sport.

myUMBC Economics of Sports Group

myUMBC Economics of Sports Group Groups are a great way for departments, clubs, and committees to have their own corner of the UMBC web to connect and collaborate. We’ve designed Groups to be simple and straightforward to use, but still offer enough flexibility to meet the needs of a diverse campus. : Economics of Sports Group […]

Yeni Ekonomide Futbol

Futbolda yönetimsel, finansal sportif, tesis, ürün ve hizmet konusunda, gelişen Yeni Ekonomik Sisteme uyum sağlayamayan futbolun kişi, kurum ve organizasyonları, başarısız olacak ve çok kısa bir sürede kaybolup gideceklerdir…

Ekospor Open iTunes to buy and download apps

Ekospor Open iTunes to buy and download apps

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