European SportsTech Report 2019

European SportsTech Report 2019 by @sportstechx! Find out about key people, top companies, interesting start-ups and all major initiatives in the European SportsTech ecosystem. Free download available

European SportsTech Report 2018

“The European SportsTech scene is gaining traction” is a phrase you hear quite o en these days. And when you speak to people or visit related events you feel that this phrase is absolutely true. But there have been two things missing so far from our perspective: Firstly, a reliable fact based view of the market, to grasp its actual size and development. And secondly, an overview of the involved people and projects, to showcase opportunities and success stories. We believe that with this report we’ve created the rst truly comprehensive view on the European SportsTech ecosystem. It has the goal to raise transparency and awareness and to contribute to the further growth of the community. The report will be published annually, as we believe that the most valuable insights come from a continuous view on the market

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