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The Team : 10. Annual Dallas International Film Festival April 14-24, 2016

Turgay and Tufan are up against a wall when they are threatened by a construction company to sell their family land, which also happens to be an hourly rental soccer field. Facing eviction from the bank on a loan gone bad, and with no options left, the two turn to the only thing they know: Soccer.
For the sake of both their family and their land, they must build a strong team to try and win a tournament and raise enough money to save their neighborhood, all in a matter of weeks. Their team of unlikely soccer players starts out a little rough, but they find their way in a “fight club” style underground soccer league that prepares them for the big tourney.
Full of humor, friendship, romance and amazing soccer action, Emre Sahin’s TAKIM has all the things that make a great sports movie—well—great

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