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The Economics of Sports Entertainment in Turkey

The Economics of Sports Entertainment in Turkey

Sebahattin Devecioglu, Firat University, Turkey

Social Networks and Economics in Sports conference May 27th – May 29th, 2013 Laboratory of Algorithms and Technologies for Networks Analysis,  National Research University Higher School of Economics Center for Applied Optimization, University of Florida

We generally understand entertainment as a pleasant, restful, stimulating, and exciting reception phenomenon—as a pleasant experience of the physical system (sensory activities), of the psychological system (ego-motions), the social system of individuals (socio-motions), the cognitive system (wit, intellectual arousal), and the spiritual system. We cannot clearly differentiate entertainment and sports. Sports have become an integral
source of entertainment for contemporary societies because spectator sports have every single ingredient of delightful entertainment. (Schramm & Klimmt, 2003, p. 61) Sports generates news as well as entertainment values. That makes it highly attractive for the media. And the history of the media shows that they exploited that lucrative source from the very beginning. Following their own logic, they added highly marketable qualities to the business of sports reporting (Beck & Bosshart, 2003,p.27 ) Sport, especialy football and entertainment have always been an important part of Turkish society but they are also becoming an increasingly important aspect of the Turkish economy Sports entertainment trend reflects the growing prosperity of the community, the increasing availability of wekeend and leisure time and the diverse tastes of the Turkish community.
As a result of sports entertainment trend there has been a marked increase in the undertaking of financial resources to sporting ( football ) activities by both the government federations, public and private sectors in Turkey ( Hone, 2005-02 ). Sport entertainment are held nearly at all periods of year throughout the world which results in important rise at economy. This competition varies from economy to media ( TV,  internet, Mobile newspaper, journals , from industry to entertainment, to sport in products  and service industry. In this study, aspect of sport entertainment sector in Turkey will be evaluated in the sense of its contribution to Turkish economics

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series (Deakin University School of Accounting and Finance) ; 2005-02

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