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The Social Networks and Economics in Sports conference will take place on May 27-29, 2013

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General Information. Conference Program

Sports have been a part of human culture since ancient times, and play a key role in the economy, politics, and healthy life style of any country. All types of sports activities, such as football, baseball, basketball, track and field, hockey, tennis, and golf, are based on decision making tools from a wide spectrum of techniques in economics, networks, and optimization.

This conference will focus on recent research developments in social networks, economics, management, marketing, and optimization applied to sports. The purpose of this conference is to bring together academic researchers, managers from sports, policy makers, and athletes to exchange knowledge in a broad range of topics relevant to sports.

Advisory board

Yudkevich M.M., HSE, Russia Litvintseva M.I., HSE, Russia Aleskerov F.T., HSE, Russia
Momcilovic P., University of Florida, USA Kozyrev O.R., HSE, Russia Strongin R.G., UNN, Russia
Pardalos P.M., University of Florida, USA Kalyagin V.A., HSE, Russia Sheresheva M.Y., HSE, Russia
Conference Program


Some of the conference topics include:
Social network tools for player selection, movement, and pricing in team sports
Methods for ranking teams and evaluating players’ performance
Techniques for predicting outcomes of sport competitions
Economics and marketing issues related to sports clubs
Optimal strategies in sports
Optimal referee assignment techniques
Scheduling and managing sport tournaments
The economics and marketing of sports entertainment
Dates and place

The Social Networks and Economics in Sports conference will take place on May 27-29, 2013 at the National research university ‘Higher school of economics’, Moscow, Pokrovskiy boulevard, 11 (see map) in Room Г-313. The conference will begin on May 27 at 1:00 PM.


The conference is organized by the Laboratory of Algorithms and Technologies for Networks Analysis of the National Research University Higher School of Economics and the Center for Applied Optimization of the University of Florida.

Related activities and publications

Recent interview by Panos M. Pardalos to SBC magazine: The importance of networks for sports can not be overestimated.

Recent article by Panos M. Pardalos in sports: Fantasy league? Did you analyze your team’s network first?

Two successful conferences have been organized in the past and two related books have been published:
S. Butenko, J. Gil-Lafuente, and P.M. Pardalos, Economics, Management, and Optimization in Sports, Springer (2004).
S. Butenko, J. Gil-Lafuente, and P.M. Pardalos, Optimal Strategies in Sports Economics and Management, Springer (2010).

For all questions please contact the local organizing committee on the address (Victor Zamaraev).

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