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Turkey UEFA EURO 2024

Turkey continues her candidacy studies for the 2024 European Football Championship and a meeting was held to launch the logo and motto at the Riva TFF Hasan Doğan National Teams Camp and Training Facilities.

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Centred on the candidacy process for hosting the European Football Championship, the meeting included a video presentation stressing our desire to organize the tournament set in a scene of the nominated city and stadiums while Turkey’s logo and motto for the UEFA EURO 2024 was made public for the first time.

Yıldırım Demirören: Our goal is to ‘Create an unforgettable memory’

Speaking at the ceremony held, TFF President Yıldırım Demirören said that he wished for the logo and the motto bring good luck to Turkey: “Welcome to the meeting held for the launch of the logo and motto within the scope of our ‘2024 project’, which will boost the power of Turkish football in Europe.

We announced our candidacy to host the 2024 European Football Championship 11 months ago on 15 February.

We filed our official application to the UEFA on 02 March.

The process continued as we picked the candidate cities and stadiums. Then we held many meetings and worked hard for long with the governors and mayors of the nine cities.

Today is an important day on our path to 2024.

As you may know, we would like to present 2024 European Football Championship to Turkey under the auspices of the Turkish President and with the support of the Turkish Government.

We would like to thank President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, whose love for sports has empowered us, for his support once again.

Our greatest advantage in this race is the fact that our Government and ministries are granting all the guarantees required by the UEFA.

Another important advantage is our young, modern and energetic stadiums.

We are an exemplary country in the world as far as our football infrastructure is concerned.

We have built so glamorous stadiums that the UEFA has granted us the right to organize the UEFA 2019 Super Cup. We are also running for the 2020 Champions League final…We are strong and will be granted the right to organize that final game too.

We are already ready with our 9 cities and 10 stadiums including İstanbul, Ankara, Eskişehir, İzmit, Bursa, Konya, Antalya, Trabzon and Gaziantep.

All of our candidate cities are also tourism centres.

In 2017 Turkey ranked the 6th country most visited by tourists. In 2018 we expect 40 million tourists. This number will increase in line with our hosting of the event.

We regard the support lent by our people as one of the fundamental advantages that will take us to 2024.

We believe that we will present a perfect file to the UEFA on 27 April together.

In September hopefully Turkey will win the final vote.

We want this organization because we remain a country dedicated to football.

The fact that we are not giving up and running for the 4th time is a sign of our determination.

Our history, traditions dating back a long time in the past, passion for football and young population will make us proud as we host Europeans.

Thanks to its every growing strong economy, Turkey will meet the transportation, lodging, security, infrastructure expectations of the UEFA in the best way possible.

Turkish Football Federation (TFF) has the capacity to take the joy of football beyond the borders of Europe thanks to its vision and power.

Our greatest mission remains for Euro 2024 is to get the Turkish and European young people to love football.

Our goal is to ‘Create an unforgettable memory’ in the history of the European Football Championships.

Our references are 2005 Champions League, 2009 UEFA Cup, 2013 U20 World Cup…

Dear Guests;

What we need most in the process ahead is our national spirit. In other words, we need to unite for 2024. We can achieve anything as we act together. This has been proven to us by the Amputee Football National Team, which has won the European Championship. The struggle they have given, the joy they have felt with our fans have set an example to the rest of the world. 42 thousand people filling up the stadium on that day symbolized our love for football.

Therefore we have picked Barış Telli, one of the stars of the Amputee Football National Team, as our 2024 promotion envoy. We have full confidence that he will represent us in the best way possible. I would like to thank him once again. I believe that together with him 80 million hearts are beating with excitement for 2024.That is why our logo features a heart representing our excitement and a ball representing football charming millions of people, our national star on the ball and the number 24 to represent 2024.

Our call to all the Europeans lies in our motto: Let us ‘share together’ the football festival.

Thank you for coming and please accept my sincere respect.

Hopefully all this will bring good luck for Turkey.

Share Together

‘Share together’, the motto for UEFA EURO 2024, gives the message to the European football public that we promise to bring in Turkey people from all walks together with the ‘most popular sports’ in the world. As one of the leading tourist centres and a geographic centre in the world, we would like to get a larger group of people to enjoy UEFA EURO 202 and share this important experience with all the other nations. We are in a position to promote cohesion, diversity and accessibility through football. Let us come SHARE TOGETHER our passion for football, beauty of Turkey and lasting heritage of the tournament.”


Hearts to beat in Turkey

The colour red on the logo of Turkey for UEFA EURO 2024 represents universal friendship and tolerance as well as the joy of life for the people making a new start. The warmth of the colour red also involves courage and energy required to host 2024 European Football Championship.

The fashionable black colour on the UEFA EURO 2024 logo adds wisdom to the European Football Championship. The colour black symbolizes power among the colours and cannot be separated from the dignity and noble Turkish soul. The fruitful black also reminds people of heavy clouds before the rain encouraging people to focus on the balance, rebirth, self-confidence and high concentration character of the heroes in football.

Representing a smaller version of the universe in geometry, the circle symbolizes the ball in football on the UEFA EURO 2024 logo representing the team, team spirit and search for excellence.

Creating an original harmony with the circle, the star represents the human body seeking to reach virtue, professionalism and productivity. The star signifies the mission of TFF to make football widespread in a modern and organized structure while increasing participation throughout the country as well as continuously participating in the international missions.

The five pentagons around the star signifies footballers, technical staff, fans, referees and goals.

The eventual goal of the TFF to host the European Football Championship and the joy of that ideal is represented in the number 2024 in the shape of a heart. The unification of the 2024 and Turkey stresses desire of Turkey to host international tournaments and that this cannot be thought separate from Turkey.

Official website launched, the official website of the candidacy, has been launched in English and Turkish in an effort to share with the European and Turkish public regarding all the details about the candidacy. The website also promotes the cities in Turkey EURO 2024 will be organized in and will share the candidacy with the entire world.

9 cities 10 stadiums

The cities and stadiums from Turkey that will be included in Turkey’s 2024 European Football Championship Finals candidacy file are as below:

İstanbul (Atatürk Olympic Stadium and Ali Sami Yen Sports Complex, Türk Telekom Stadium), Bursa (Metropolitan Municipality Stadium), Antalya (Antalya Stadium), Eskişehir (Eskişehir New Stadium), Gaziantep (Gaziantep Stadium), Konya (Metropolitan Municipality Stadium), Trabzon (Şenol Güneş Sports Complex), Kocaeli (New Stadium), Ankara (New Stadium).



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